mona moon


mona moon was born in Almería, Southern Spain during a hot autumn in 2013. That was not indeed an easy decision to take. For making the ‘dream of her life’ come true, Carmen somewhat had to drop all her previous engineering experience, so as to restart again in fashion.

Carmen Gómez is in fact both an engineer by background as well as a designer by vocation.
As she was working for an engineering company, she took up a Degree in Fashion Design at the High School of Arts in Almeria. There she got fascinated by coming into contact with a wide range of materials and from where she moved on to leather handcrafting. That creative process got her eventually started into handbag designing.

Ever since, her focus was on definitively setting up a business devoted to the design and handcrafting of unique handbags. Her dream has finally come true by means of the small atelier that mona moon runs nowadays downtown Almeria.

This a new business model that focuses on designing one of the most essential accessories not just for a day to day use, but specially for ”these top” moments. And that is how Carmen designs and creates taylor-made hanbags according to both her clients’ likes and needs.

After this passionating two-year experience, it was time for mona moon to come out to the Spanish Arena with “ARQUItextura”, her first Spring-Summer Collection. That happened at the EGO space for Young Designers in MOMAD. fair in February 2016. Such Collection is made up of design handcrafted leather handbags, 100% Made in Spain. In order for top quality to be fully controlled and achieved at every stage of production, design was performed in Almeria whereas handcrafting has been made in Ubrique.